Lovaash Online Stores

We’re busy building our Lovaash Online Stores. Earlier this week, our Lead Developer Daud showed me the specs behind the stores, and I can say that what we’re building truly is exciting technology. You see, these stores are a direct result of talking to artists, understanding a problem, and assorting out an innovative, pragmatic solution. Our culture is special in the sense that our product is being designed by our customers and artists every step of the way.

Our definition of an artist is broad and wide. They include painters, photographers, calligraphers, digital artists, designers, craftsmen and more. These artists all have an exemplary dimension of creativity, and each and every single artist has their own unique and accessible place on the Lovaash platform. These stores are designed to handle all elements of business for an artist to allow for an adamant focus on the one thing they truly love– creating beautiful work. Lovaash manages all print-on-demand, drop-shipping, payments, visual analytics, and offers powerful SEO optimization by pushing items to the tops of all major search engines.

But this value isn’t what truly makes a Lovaash Online Store peerless. I want to take the time to discuss three introspective motivations as to why an artist should create a Lovaash Online Store:

A Unique Audience

Knowing your store’s audience is monumental. Enhance your Space. It’s our one thing. A Lovaash member is anyone who owns or manages a space. Our community consists of suburban home-owners, studio renters in cities, students in dorms, small businesses such as restaurants, and interior designers liable to a specific clientele. Each and every single member comes to Lovaash in hopes to solve one problem– how do I easily find something I love for my space? Your work, by nature, is the remedy to their problems. Etsy, Fine Art America, Red Bubble and ArtFire all have an annoyingly fragmented audience. All the home-owners we’ve talked to have no idea what Fine Art America even is, and your work loses its shine in the midst of t-shirts on Etsy. Your work on Lovaash will make more sales because of our unique and focused audience.


Content is King. Each item on Lovaash has a 120 character-limit requisite of Inspiration in order to be listed. This is an opportunity for you as an artist to provide original content to the world. It can be anything: what made you create the piece, how it makes you feel, words you live by, or something random you thought of that very morning. As customers explore and discover items for their spaces, they’ll hover over your work with their mouses making way for a refreshing user experience in which your Inspiration is illuminated. Customers will have the ability to immediately share your work along with its respective Inspiration on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Your work will connect with and distribute much faster on Lovaash.


Lovaash Online Stores are meant to be “Followed”. Choosing to follow a store gives a customer access to the most exclusive prices. Lovaash artists can create promotions in real-time for either the grand Lovaash marketplace, exclusively for their followers, or as individual pages that can be linked deep into their network. For example, an artist can create a flash sale by discounting their work for a specific time period; or perhaps a discount to the next 5 people who choose to buy a print of their work.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and some of our favorite features. If you’re interested in becoming a Lovaash artist, feel free to directly message me at ekram@lovaash.com.

– Ekram


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